Crossroads 2019 Advent Theme (adapted from Reformed Worship 65)

In his book, Streams of Living Water (New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1998), author Richard Foster suggests that Christianity
is comprised of six great traditions of the faith: Contemplative, Holiness, Social Justice, Charismatic, Incarnational and Evangelical.
Using the image of a river that swells as its tributaries flow into it, Foster refers to these traditions as “streams of spiritual life”
which combine to produce a community of faith and life that he calls “a mighty river of the Spirit.” Although each of these streams
developed independently of the others and was characterized by specific historical, cultural, and geographical features, he notes
that God is moving in our day to bring these streams together in a mighty flow of the Spirit.
Our Advent series this year takes one character (or group of characters) from the Christmas Story to represent each of these
six streams, and our prayer is that this will help us to see the big picture of the Christian faith. While believers often focus on the
differences between faith traditions, this will call us instead to remember the one thing that binds Christians of all time, places,
and doctrinal differences together: the worship of the Child of Bethlehem.

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