Prayer Force Partners is a ministry effort at Crossroads Church aimed at pairing a middle or high school student with a one-on-one prayer partner.  Our vision is that we foster intergenerational relationships where both partners learn from each other and share faith experiences while receiving prayer support.  We have heard encouraging stories of the love and care our students receive from their prayer partners. Being a prayer partner is a one year commitment but many adults have found the experience rewarding and have remained in a prayer relationship with their student up through high school graduation.


Prayer Partners will:

Agree to regularly pray for one another;

Periodically make contact with the partner at church to see how they are doing; and learn about the things they are interested in;

Meet together for prayer after worship on the first Sunday of each month.


If you are interested in beginning in this exciting ministry, please talk with Kristin Brown to discover how you might become involved through prayer in the faith formation of our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in Prayer Force partners?

When do we meet?

What am I supposed to say?

All Crossroads students, grades 6-12 are part of the relational ministry.  Once a month, partners meet with each other; additional times for prayer and encouragement (through card or quick conversation after church)  are encouraged.  Our college students as well as school staff and teachers also have a team praying for them throughout the year.



We will highlight Prayer Force partners monthly, on the first Sunday of the month, by asking partners to meet with each other immediately after worship for a time of connection and prayer.  Partners will be dismissed from the service early to pick up a snack and drink and return to the sanctuary for prayer time.  There is no time limit for prayer…sometimes a 5 minute catch-up is powerful!



Meeting with your partner should be casual and the questions they ask will most likely be about your family, friends and school life.  You are encouraged to ask questions as well and the card I’ve included with this note has some good ones to get you started.