In Our Neighborhood

Crossroads partners with various community organizations in different ways, sometimes through volunteer service, or donations, or in other ways.  We encourage you to learn more about these various organizations that serve our community.

Alternatives Women’s Center

Alternatives Women’s Center is a Christian medical clinic, providing free services to women facing unplanned pregnancies.  Services include pregnancy tests, obstetrical ultrasounds and education in pregnancy and infant care.  Visit the alternatives website.

Calvin Christian School

The mission of Calvin Christian School, in cooperation with the home and church, is to teach the whole child from a biblical worldview, founded in the Reformation, providing children from Christian families with an excellent education for a life of Christ-centered service.  Members of Crossroads are members of the Calvin Christian School Society.  Visit the Calvin Christian School website.

Camino al Cielo

Crossroads shares our campus with Camino al Cielo, a Spanish-speaking congregation currently led by their elders.  Contact Camino al Cielo: (760) 500-3965.

Green Oak Ranch

Green Oak Ranch is a Christ-centered, residential recovery and restoration community located in Vista.  Residents of Green Oak Ranch regularly attend worship at Crossroads, and members of Crossroads often lead Life Groups or Bible Studies, or are involved in other ways of serving at the Ranch.  Visit the Green Oak Ranch website.

Interfaith Community Services

Interfaith implements comprehensive programs to provide basic needs, social services, counseling, and economic development to empower the disadvantaged in our community. Visit the Interfaith website.

TERI, Inc.

TERI, Inc. serves individuals with autism and other developmental and learning disabilities, helping them lead valued, meaningful, and fulfilling lives of uncompromised quality.  TERI Inc.’s new Campus of Life is located in the Twin Oaks Valley near Crossroads.  Visit the TERI Inc. website.

Young Life

Young Life invites kids to follow Christ, care for them regardless of their response, and change lives in the process. Young Life is for everyone who wants to get the most out of life. Whether you are in middle school, high school or college; whatever your interests or abilities; no matter who you hang out with — Young Life welcomes you! And if you’re a parent, or simply an adult who cares about kids in your community, Young Life welcomes your involvement. Visit the Young Life website.